A Cool Discovery And A Little Advice!

It’s been a while since I posted! What can I say, life happens! :-)

Today I would like to share something with my family and any other readers I have. It’s a little advice and a pretty cool discovery.

First, the advice. Never, should I say NEVER, take anything for granted! I found a pile of post cards several years ago. For those in the know, it was shortly after Mom was moved to Dallas. I went next door and was checking what was left and cleaning up some. I found a box in one of the rooms that looked like trash and started to throw it out. Then, I thought about what I had read once from one of my genealogy buddies. I stopped and sifted through the box to make sure that it was truly trash. Boy was I glad I did! I found some pictures in the very bottom. I small bag with maybe 4 or 5 5×7 pictures. I will share those soon. I also found a stack of post cards and grabbed those.

Those post cards have set in a box for all these years. I had looked at them and at the back but there was no writing on them. I thought they might be neat to save for collecting purposes. This past month I started looking at them again. Once again, the same thing. All blank, no writing. Then I found something new. One with some writing on it. When I began to read it, I realized it was my Dad writing to my Mom! The post mark on the card was September 5, 1962, just a couple months before I was born.

The words are not fancy and will not be on the television anytime soon! The lovely part of this is to be able to see a side of my Dad that we didn’t normally see! 1962 – that’s a little over 9 years that they had been married. Dad was still working construction and apparently that job had him in El Paso, Texas at the time. The address was to Mrs. David I. Spangler in Dallas, Texas. Here is the front of the post card …

Dad's Post Card

It’s El Paso’s Ranger Peak Aerial Tramway. I’ve never heard nor seen of it. The only thing I can find for today is Wyler Aerial Tramway at Ranger Peak. You can read some about it here and you can see a video of the ride here. There’s a lot of talking and you can turn down the volume but it gives you an idea of what it was like. Of course, this was over 50 years ago! It’s pretty neat seeing what Dad would have seen! 

I know what you really want to see is what Dad wrote so I’ll try my best to transcribe it here. It may not be exactly as you see it on the post card but I’ll put it the way I think Dad was trying to write it. …

Dearest Darling,

Just a line or two. Hope you are doing fine. Well, Darling, I rode the tramway up the top of the mountain! Boy, you could see every thing, all El Paso and Old Mexico and New Mexico. Will close. Write you a long letter. Lots and lots of love, your sweet Husband.

It’s short and sweet but it’s cool to see that Dad wanted to share what was happening with Mom and wanted her to know he loved her lots and lots!

Here’s the scan of that …

Dad's Post Card 2


So, what do you think? Is this a cool find or what? I hope you all have enjoyed this one. I’ll try to write again soon!


4 thoughts on “A Cool Discovery And A Little Advice!

  1. Kim

    OH MY! HOW COOL! I have never seen that before and I know I was always nosey and looking thru Momma’s stuff. That is the coolest thing. Thank you for sharing. I LOVE THIS!!! It brought tears to my eyes….
    I love you Bubba!!!!

    1. kenopoly Post author

      I had to share it! Kinda teared me up to! :-)
      If I find any more I will gladly post them. It’s a good thing I looked because it looked like a box of trash!
      Love you Sis!

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