Updates For The Week Of January 20, 2014

news2Well, here I am back again with a few updates. I know this site is kind of getting off to a slow start but have patience. It will come around in time!

There were two new posts this week, if you haven’t had a chance, check them out and see what I have been up to. You can usually access them by following the links near the bottom or top of any post.

It’s been a slow week again. I’m still trying to get over all this cedar fever stuff. It would be so nice to be able to breathe again without all the sinus problems. With that being said, I did accomplish a few things this week. I was able to finish sourcing all my Forbes research for the first two generations. That would be my aunts and uncles (mother’s siblilngs) and all my great-aunts and uncles (grandfather’s siblings). Yeah, I know, that’s only 14 people (33 if you include spouses) but it is a start to what I want to accomplish this year. I’ve got four Family Tree Maker databases now instead of the tons I’ve had before. The four databases are named Ken’s Complete Research (doesn’t have living generations), Ken’s Living Relatives (Pretty much my generation and downward), Trina’s Complete Research and Trina’s Living Relatives. I’m making a strong effort to make sure I don’t include any information on living relatives when posting any info to on-line trees and such.

I’ve also been continuing with my pictures and the sorting of over 60,000 of them. This is a slow process but it is one that will reap many great benefits once completed. I’ll be able to share them with my family and, perhaps, they will see ones I don’t have and be able to share with me! I’m sure as I go along I will continue to discover new pictures. I found a folder the other day that was entitled “Joseph” and had over 4,000 pics in it. There were pics of his wedding, his first couple of years with Steph and Isaiah and of his friends from the Paris area. It was a pretty neat find. I don’t know where I was able to obtain all these but I’m glad I have them!

So, even though you may not see a lot posted here yet I am very busy working on things that I have allowed to become quite a disarray and will someday be sorted out and be useful again. I know this will help me out in my research efforts.

I invite you to keep checking in from time to time. It’s only been 4 weeks and I still have so much to share on this site. I did add a page for my Dad this week and will be working on one for my Mom soon. Slowly but surely this will grow into something that, I hope, will be useful to many people!

Have a great week and much success in all that you do,


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