Goals For The New Year

Goals For The New YearWith the coming of the New Year, everyone always wants to set goals to achieve. I’ve never really been one to make resolutions but here are a few things that I would love to accomplish in 2014:


One of the biggest obstacles in my research has been my lack of organization. It’s frustrating when you find yourself researching something that you have already researched before but you can’t remember where you put that information!

I’ve been working on this for the last month or so and I’ve made quite a bit of progress. I’m still not satisfied though!

By the end of the year, I’d like to have all my digital files organized, eliminate the “collection” of family tree files, and have all my research to where it can be located by even the most novice of persons! :-)


If you read my post from yesterday, then you know that I have actually had a site here for over 6 years. I allowed that site to fall into disarray and its usefulness eroded with that lack of attention.

One of the primary reasons for rebuilding my site is to make it a useful tool for those who may have a kinship with me. This will be a focus for this year.


One of the biggest tools I have to share my information is my blog. In the past, I would find myself not posting for weeks or even months. When I did post, I would not put a lot of thought into my posts and that resulted in me just rambling about anything.

My focus for this year will be too write quality posts. I don’t want to write just because I feel pressured to post something. If I go for a week or two without posting that is fine with me. If I don’t have anything useful to post then it would be a waste of my time and your time to post something just for the heck of it.

I want my posts to be useful, informative and able to help spread knowledge to those who are seeking it!


In the past 13 years, I have been able to gain a lot of very useful knowledge concerning my roots. My biggest failure in that time has been not sourcing my information as I went along.

One of the most challenging efforts this year will be adding my sources to all my information. Of course, this will also be the most beneficial task!

Besides just adding sources to my family tree file, I would also like to make sure I add sources to my posts. It may be hard to do and I am sure that I will find myself slipping often. The most important thing is that I eventually get myself into the habit of doing what is right and adding my sources.


In conclusion, I’d just like to say that I know what I am desiring to achieve will not be easy. It will take a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of patience!

At the end of this year, if I have been able to keep my goals, I will be able to stand proud of my accomplishments. If I don’t achieve everything I set out to do, then I will still take pride in finishing, or at least starting, whatever I am able to do!

I wish you all the best in your goals for this new year.


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