Welcome To The K & T Genealogy Blog!

Welcome To The K & T Genealogy Blog!Hello everyone and welcome to our blog!

This will be your link for the latest news and happenings here at K & T Genealogy. I can’t promise that I will post every day or even every week, but I will post as often as I have information to share. With this site (and blog) being fairly new, I anticipate that there will be quite a few posts at the start. Just temper your expectations if you don’t see posts frequently enough.


For those “in the know”, this URL was formerly the address of the “Beyond Fiction” blog. For a little over 6 years I published Beyond Fiction but I have chosen to go in a new direction. 

There are some who will argue that this is a crazy decision and there may be some (I hope) who will understand my decision. The simple fact is that it was time for a new start. My blog had reached a point to where it was stagnant and, essentially, dying. Part of that was my lack of time to contribute and part of that was my lack of organization and therefore lack of new information. 

This is just a “heads up” to those who may have frequented this blog before. This new endeavor will not only incorporate my research of my wife’s family but will also allow me to integrate my website into WordPress as well.

I look forward to exciting NEW things to share with you all in the coming years.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


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